In the fall of 1849, on the banks of the Deer Creek, some cabins were built and a city was born.    Originally called Deer Creek Dry Diggins after that name, it was renamed Caldwell’s Upper Store after Dr. A.B. Caldwell, who opened the first general store.

In 1850, the towns people decided to cast ballots to vote for the new official name, that would later be named “Nevada” which is the Spanish word for “snow-covered”.

1864 would be the last time that the city would only go by “Nevada”, the western part of Utah was turned into the State of Nevada, so the word “City” was added to the end of the town’s name, to eliminate the confusion between the state and the city.  The United States Postal Service was happy for the change but the town folk always felt the name was stolen from them.

Nevada City was one of the wealthiest and perhaps the largest mining towns in California. The town was bustling with many fine stores, fancy hotels, and posh gambling halls. Nevada City was home to most of the mine owners, managers and professionals, who would frequent the stores and gambling halls.  All towns in the west have a bad side, like claim jumping, brothels, opium dens and murder.

Just like Grass Valley, Nevada City was hit by two fires and the town was almost erased off the map. The determination of the people to rebuild Nevada City twice in seven years, after devastating fires, is a testament the strength of family and community.

Nevada City draws people from all over the world.  This town is a great place to visit, to take in the shopping in the downtown, take in a show at the Nevada Theater or go swimming in one of the many lakes and rivers in the area.

Nevada City is a quaint little town that has withstood the test of time and will remain a destination spot for a long time to come.

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